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EP Review - mazie: 'the rainbow cassette'

EP Review - mazie: 'the rainbow cassette' (August 25, 2021)

LA-based, Baltimore-raised mazie (Grace Christian) is kicking in the door with her shiny, psychedelic, glam filled alt-pop debut EP, the rainbow cassette. Paired up with childhood friend and producer/collaborator Elie Jay Rizk, the end result of the rainbow cassette is really a sight to behold. While mazie isn't a character for Grace, it is a project, something more than just a musical endeavor. mazie has her own universe, something that's carefully constructed. We broached this in my conversation with her that you can find here.

And you can feel that importance, there is something special about the way that mazie makes music. She is able to take dark subject matter, and wrap it into an alt-pop, psychedelic mashup that just begs to be sang along to. I don't think I've seen someone achieve this with such success since Stephan Jenkins. It's something that many attempt to do, but is so hard to do well.

Perhaps our favorite track on the seven track EP is "dumb dumb". The lead single of the EP serves as a stark callout to the power of misinformation from sources such as QAnon and its consequences, such as the Capitol Riots. With the track, mazie is able to look at a complex political situation with more candor than any news outlet or politician has that we've seen. Though, we'll be honest, you really need to listen to this one from front to back. One thing that's clear from the rainbow cassette is that alt-pop has found an immense talent that should soon be leading the movement.

Rating - 5/5

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