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Laughing at the Abyss with mazie

We had the opportunity to interview rising alt-pop star mazie about her new EP 'The Rainbow Cassette' which drops this week! Check out our interview!

1. You wrote your single "dumb dumb" the day after the insurrection at the Capitol. Can you speak a little to the emotions you were feeling writing the song and how you translated that into the single?

"It was a really tough day for everyone. We, (Elie Rizk (producer/childhood friend) and I) just happened to have studio time. We had already been talking about the election and the (Trump) administration, and I have some conservative family members. We had been talking about some of those family members who had been misinformed by Q'Anon. The beat had been made the day before by Elie. We felt a bit dumb in this as well because there was a meme culture going on that day and we were participating in it. In a way it felt like everyone was dumb and it was a clusterfuck".

2. Your debut EP the rainbow cassette drops on August 25th, can you give listeners a little insight as to what they can expect?

"the rainbow cassette is the perfect world of mazie before we step into the post EP world. It has an intro and an outro. We were trying to establish a mazie universe and give it to them sonically. They can totally expect what they've been hearing, it's whimsical and crazy".

3. Your first national tour begins this year with COIN. What is it like to secure your first national touring slot?

"I cried, it was the coolest thing ever. Just the fact that those guys were willing to take a chance on a baby artist. It's an East Coast tour and I get to stop at places where I have family. The very last stop is Baltimore which is my hometown".

4. Lyrically, your songs are next level. Can you speak about the importance of lyrics to your music?

"That is the cornerstone of the music. I've been so lucky to work with Elie for six years, the nature of our relationship allows us to not hold back. No line written is a throwaway line. We will be ultraspecific about lines. The entire thesis of the mazie project is that I'm a very happy bubbly person, but my outlook on the world is negative. To live is to suffer. However, I just find a lot of optimism in relationships".

5. What's next for you?

"I'm so excited for what's next. We already have the next round of music ready. It's a very big next step. There's a very childlike whimsicalness to the work. There is also a ballad which is exciting to get more into the technical side of making music and maturing the sound a bit".

mazie 2021 tour dates

07.14 Los Angeles, CA - El Cid (Presented by The Luna Collective)

8.12 Minot, ND - Dak Jam Music & Arts Festival

09.26 The Governors Ball - New York, NY

11.29 Orlando, FL - House of Blues*

11.30 Tampa, FL - The Ritz Ybor*

12.02 Charlotte, NC - Fillmore*

12.03 Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle*

12.04 Louisville, KY - Mercury Ballroom*

12.06 Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe*

12.07 Chicago, IL - Subterranean

12.08 Cleveland, OH - House of Blues*

12.10 Columbus, OH - Express Live*

12.11 Detroit, MI - St. Andrew's Hall*

12.12 Pittsburgh, PA - Roxian Theatre*

12.14 Boston, MA - House of Blues*

12.15 Philadelphia, PA - TLA*

12.17 Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony*

12.18 New York, NY - Webster Hall*

12.19 Baltimore, MD - Soundstage*

*notes dates with COIN

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