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EP Review - Guest Directors: 'Connected Heavens'

EP Review - Guest Directors: Connected Heavens (May 7, 2021)

Seattle's Guest Directors are back with their newest release, an EP titled Connected Heavens. On this EP the four-piece quickly establish a laid back sound that permeates throughout the EP. However, the EP reaches a high point on with "Another Round" a dream scape filled tune that begs you to sway to it. The moody guitar intro to "Dreaming Dreams" instantly pulls the listener in and demands you hear it.

Connected Heavens evokes nostalgia upon listening. As I write this review on a rainy day, I feel that this EP is my perfect soundtrack. It's not abrasive, but rather compelling in it's gentle pull. The melodies remind me of Pinback and other alternative acts that have held my heart over the years. Connected Heavens may only have four tracks, but they are weighty and ethereal in their approach. The set over you like a fog and then drift on. I very much enjoyed this one.

Rating - 4/5.

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