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EP Review - Great Time: 'Sounds Like ____ [Vol. 2]'

EP Review - Great Time: Sounds Like ____ [Vol. 2] (August 5, 2021)

Philadelphia-based three-piece Great Time are back with a new EP, Sounds Like ____ [Vol. 2]. The trio made up of lead singer/instrumentalist Jilly Ryan, Zach Hartmann on synth and bass, and Donnie Spackman (drummer and co-synth) produced this latest EP in their Kickstarter funded home studio. This EP is the second in their series of "Sounds Like" EPs and Ryan noted the idea behind the series is in direct response to critics that suggested they pick a genre on their first album. According to Ryan "...we feel most genuiune when we're creating music without any limitations or boundaries".

Without trying to pigeonhole Great Time to a sound in Sounds Like ____ [Vol. 2], we'll simply say this. There are influences of electronic, pop, and dance music. When combined by the band it makes something completely unique. There's a lot here you can move to and there's also a lot that you can sing along to with Ryan. This EP represents another bold step in the musical adventure of a band that is already one of the brightest up-and-coming acts out there. There's so much to like about this EP, including the vocals and fantastic beats and melodies. This is something you can throw on when you want to party.

Rating - 4.5/5

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