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Behind the Lyrics: "Love is Blindness"

Updated: May 4, 2023

My husband and I got into an argument the other night. It consisted of this -

Me: I just do not like U2.

Him: Well, I do.

Me: Yeah, I know. *Yes, an eyeroll happened here*

Him: Why don't you?

At the time, I could not put my finger on it until my toddler and I were jamming in the car the other morning to Jack White. It is rarity that I get to listen to alternative music when she is in the car. She is currently obsessed with the Cars soundtrack, but it was a good day. "Love is Blindness" came on, and while I have heard it hundreds of times, it clicked.

Think of "Life is a Highway" from Cars performed by Rascal Flatts. It took off way better than the original by Tom Cochrane. Why? The answer is the same to my first dilemma.

For the sake of the sound, I am going to post the YouTube links for you all to see the differences.

Jack White:


Now, check out the "Life is a Highway" comparison:

Rascal Flatts:


The covers win. Why? The soul the singer puts into those lyrics. The lyrics themselves are the same. They are relatable, they are catchy, but unless the singer truly proves to us that they believe in those lyrics, the audience is not convinced.

Why is this important? Every songwriter has a message. And if you are an alternative music fan, I know you enjoy that message having a purpose. Some lyrics are snarky fun, some are despairing, and some are outraged. But, unless the singer really, truly puts the emotion into those songs, the audience will not buy it.

Think of how many songs have flown under the radar because of the wrong presentation of it. U2 was already famous by the time "Love is Blindness" hit the scene, and it is definitely not one of the first songs people mention when you ask them about U2. Same with "Life is a Highway". I wouldn't be surprised if many of you had no idea who Cochrane is.

Choose songs that you feel passionate about. Put all that emotion into those words. Get your message across because it matters. There is a whole lot in this world that is fake. Don't be afraid to let your music break down the lies. Until next time.

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