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Bad Suns at Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC

On a Friday at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC, Bad Suns took the stage for the 18th show on their US tour featuring their newest album, Apocalypse Whenever. A couple of scarecrows and zombies filed in for the Halloweekend show which just added to the magic that was about to happen.

The intimate space holds only 750 people but was packed to the brim. There seemed to be almost as much excitement for the opener as there was for main act - it’s no surprise, though, as Last dinosaurs’ classic alt rock sound complements Bad Suns’ groovy pop-alt feel. Both the bands are alt veterans from the 2010s and are considered icons (at least by me) in the indie music space.

As Last Dinosaurs take the stage, they open with their most well-known tune Zoom, with an energetic guitar riff to set the night's tone. Before I knew it, heads were bopping and it didn’t stop till the last song. Continuing with another classic Apollo and then a single off their newest album From Mexico With Love, the Australian trio managed to hold the audience captive as Bad suns frontman Christo Bowman peered on from the green room’s secret stage overlook.

After Last Dinos wrapped up, stagehands quickly set up for the eagerly awaited main attraction. Finally, through the red light and smoke, the band appeared from behind their massive logo backdrop to take the stage. It’s been a long time since they’ve been to North Carolina, but in Christo’s words, “It feels like falling in love all over again.”

They open with Cardiac Arrest, probably their most well-known song off their debut EP Transpose, and follow with another classic, Dancing on Quicksand. Christo played the part as he danced around the stage, not staying in one place for more than a second or two as if it was made of quicksand itself. After that, he grabbed his guitar to play his part in the next few songs. They played a terrific mix of hits from albums and EPs old and new, and the crowd was ecstatic about it. Baby Blue Shades, Electric Circus (my personal fave off their new record), Summer Lightning, and more. Closing with another classic, Daft Pretty Boys, the show was a hit.

Overall, I loved the intimate venue that made this show feel like old times. The last time I saw Bad Suns was in 2014, and wow - much has changed. The stage presence, technique, and songs themselves got quite the upgrade. It’s pretty special to see bands like this one transform and grow to reap what they’ve sowed: a loyal fanbase, quality records, and the attention they deserve.

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