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Album Review - Squid: 'Better Green Field'

(Photo Credit - Holly Whitaker)

Album Review - Squid: Better Green Field (May 7, 2021)

From early on in the listening experience of Better Green Field, Squid's debut album, the listener can tell two things. First, that Squid is a band with confidence in their sound. Secondly, their a band who's sound is quite eccentric. I liken it to a mix between indie rock, and The Talking Heads.

Each track on Better Green Field is jam packed with sound that commands your attention. If this were not done well, it would blend together into just a wave of noise. But that's not what Squid gives us. This is primo alternative that we get from Squid's maiden LP. I especially loved the incorporation of vocals from Martha Skye Murphy.

What's clear about Squid is that their sound is bold and it stands out. As you listen to Better Green Field, you will see this is not cookie-cutter alternative. Innovative and limitlessly creative, Squid are a band that is set to set itself apart from everything else. That for me is why I like it so much.

Favorite Tracks - "Boy Racers", "Documentary Filmmaker", and "Peel St."

Rating - 4/5

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