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Album Review: MISSIO - 'I Am Cinco'

Austin, TX natives and Alt Revue Band Fam members MISSIO are back with their newest release, an album comprised of five EP's that have been released over the last year or so. The end result is a musical experience that spans human emotion bewildering the senses and taking the listener on a journey of epic proportions.

That journey begins with music from I Am Sad, an emotional turn of events that the duo of Matthew Brue and David Butler that pulls at your heart strings. For me, the culmination of this voyage peaked at "I Don't Like It When You're Lonely" with Brue's fantastic vocals shifting ethereally over a fantastically engineered beat.

I Am High busts the door down with lead single "Good Vibrations" a song that is just so MISSIO. It's different, catchy, and makes you want to move. This section features collaborations with DEADFOOT and Jelani Blackman. MISSIO as we have said for many years are known for their meticulous selections of great candidates to collaborate with. Some of these collaborators are well-known and some may be up-and-comers. There's no difference in the fact that the feature is always worth it.

Next up is I AM Awesome which features one of my favorite songs of all time, my sober song "Goodbye to the Old Me". This song has carried me through experiences of the gut wrenching pain that addiction can bring. If it can do that for me, imagine what this banger can do for you.

I Am Angry features lead single "Aztec Death Whistle" which features some guitar work that borders on metal/hard rock. In my conversation with Matthew and David in my recent interview, they stated they have never played guitars like this on a record. But what makes MISSIO so great is not what they are, it's that they're not afraid of being something or anything they're not. MISSIO doesn't have a type, they make music because they need to. They are driven to.

Finally, I Am Cinco wraps up with I Am Crazy. The songs in this section feel frantic and like they're on a mission, searching for something. That to me is what MISSIO is all about. They don't rest on their laurels once they've made something and they certainly won't after they release this behemoth tomorrow. They'll be back at it touring and making music to satisfy that drive and for their MISSIO Mafia in no time. This collection here is a journey, but it's one definitely worth taking with Matthew and David.

Rating - 5/5

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