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Album Review - SHAED: 'High Dive'

(Photo Credit: Jared Zagha)

Advance Review - SHAED: High Dive (May 14, 2021)

Like most of the world, I heard of SHAED because of the song “Trampoline.” It even made my “A Favorites” playlist on Spotify. One of 148 songs on a playlist I created December 27, 2018. I heard it on Jeny 107.3 out of Elyria, Ohio. So, when I got the opportunity to listen to their upcoming album, High Dive, before the general population, I said, “Send it my way.”

SHAED has a long history, and I was surprised to find out that they are just now releasing their first full length album. Long overdue, it took the pandemic to give them the time off of touring to sit down, gather their thoughts, and inventory their material. As a band, they felt the songs they had collected “didn’t feel genuine because we lost sight of why we started making music together a decade ago – to create music that was honest and true to our own experience.” Like true professionals, they scrapped an entire album’s worth of songs and began again.

Starting with “Dizzy,” High Dive sounds like an album crafted by veterans. Rich and full. Balanced and catchy. Each song has the perfect length for the commercial world and sounds like it could catch radio play. While that may be off putting to some listeners, I would suggest giving the album a listen. High Dive is extremely professional sounding and clean, something that Sia would release or work on. After years of touring, they found what they need to continue and push their careers forward. I will even say that being released in mid-May is the perfect time to catch summer play on the radio. If DJs play it right, High Dive could bring SHAED a Best New Artist nomination at the 2022 Grammy’s.

Final Thoughts: Again, I did not go through this album song by song. Sometimes, I like to, but other times I like laying out a different argument. However, that does not mean I do not appreciate the album. High Dive will find its pop play. It is catchy and clean. It reminds me of some of my favorites: Sia, Julia Michaels, and Bea Miller. All who have spots on my “A Favorites” playlist.

Favorite Songs: “Dizzy,” “High Dive,” and “Wish We Had Longer”

Rating - 4.5/5

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