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Album Review: Khruangbin - ‘A LA SALA’

I’m thrilled to introduce a written sneak-peek of Khruangbin’s newest album, A LA SALA, which comes out tomorrow.

After the whirlwind of what the past few years have been for the 3-piece band, it was time for them to gather, ‘to the room’ as the title suggests, and create more foundational tracks that we know and love. Since their last album without collaborators was released in 2020, the band has toured, collabed, and grown their deserved recognition for the truly genius artists they are. 

And while we love a collab moment, ahem Leon Bridges I’m looking at you, it doesn’t take extra pizzazz to make Khruangbin sound good. 

The album is more of what we’ve discovered Khruangbin to be: a melting pot of genres and rhythms that never stop intriguing new and old listeners to their wonderland of creativity. It’s not experimental but instead explores the depth of their signature sound. Stockpiled field recordings tastefully pepper the album, further characterizing it and helping to structure the puzzle pieces that make A LA SALA.

In general, I feel Khruangbin is on their very own wavelength, and you can hop on or hop off, but they won’t be steering in the direction of pop expectations or ‘what’s hot’ any time soon - and I prefer it that way.

If you have the chance, give the full album a listen - if you can’t, at least don’t miss "Ada Jean", "Fifteen Fifty-Three", and "Todavia Viva". 

Rating - 5/5

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