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Album Review - Katelyn Tarver: 'Subject to Change'

(Photo Credit - Ethan Gulley)

Album Review - Katelyn Tarver: Subject to Change (November 12, 2021)

Alt-pop better prepare because with Subject to Change singer/songwriter Katelyn Tarver is establishing her place in the rising stars of the genre. Subject to Change is an album that tells a story of grief, past relationships, and personal turbulence. On the themes of Subject to Change, Tarver shared the following “Life is unpredictable. For all the stories of triumph and resilience, there are just as many stories of failure and getting lost. The addict relapses. The happy couple gets divorced. The one you’ve put on a pedestal lets you down. Finding the love of your life doesn’t solve your problems. You know the expression, the only way out is through? These songs are me making my way through. Giving myself permission to not have the answers. Letting myself feel it all. The pain, the joy, the confusion, the bittersweet in-between...I learned that uncertainty can be an open door. And that change is a constant invitation I want to learn to accept" via press release.

Subject to Change is true to it's title in that the track's melodies offer a blend between more traditional pop and stripped acoustic work. What remains true is that Tarver's sound is accompanied by her fantastic voice. The LA (by way of Georgia) singer/songwriter has vocals that shine above the music foundation she's laid. And while she tackles intense subject matter on this LP, it never brings the listener down. There's always an accompanying sense of realization with these songs that leaves the listener in a better place than where they were before.

Subject to Change is a winner for Tarver in an already crowded alt-pop arena. Though we feel this LP will help cut through some of that and let her star shine. Keep an eye on Katelyn Tarver as she will continue to build on an already growing fanbase with this one. Rating - 4.5/5

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