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Album Review - Jelani Aryeh: 'I’ve Got Some Living To Do'

(Photo Credit - Natasha Tilly)

Album Review - Jelani Aryeh: I’ve Got Some Living To Do (July 30, 2021)

21 year old San Diego artist Jelani Aryeh has seen a groundswell of movement around his music, particularly online. His three lead singles "Stella Brown", "Marigold", and "From These Heights" have been streamed over 60 million times! This is quite the push for an artist set to release his debut LP on Friday. But don't get it twisted, there's a reason why he has seen such quick support for his music, it's fantastic.

Aryeh brings a fresh approach that incorporates aspects of alt, pop, and indie rock. We've gotten an opportunity to sit with his debut I've Got Some Living to Do and first of all, we're about everything this young artist is doing. Aryeh, who is of Filipino/African-American descent writes tracks through his experiences of being biracial. He also writes tracks that address topics of numbing oneself. In a press release, Aryeh stated "For a lot of kids my age, I see that we numb ourselves in order to carry on with our lives. I want to make people take a step back and reflect on those times where we turned the switch off," regarding some of the intent on his new album.

The result is a 12 track album that is downright listenable. This isn't an album where you pick a few tracks you like and simply listen to those. I've Got Some Living to Do demands you listen to it from start to finish. With its bright beats and Aryeh's smooth vocals, each track draws you in, refusing to let go. With this album, Aryeh has produced some of the freshest indie pop that's come across the scene in a while. Aryeh is an artist that is sure to have a rocket strapped to his back, and will soon find himself in the mix of headlining festivals. It's best you check him out now.

Rating - 5/5

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