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Album Review: Cold War Kids - 'Cold War Kids'

For almost two decades Cold War Kids from Long Beach, CA have been releasing countless albums and EP’s which began with their first album in 2007 Robbers and Cowards. This release would feature one of their most notable songs "Hang Me Up to Dry". Since then, the band has continuously kept their sound, and remained true to their original indie pop origins.

For their self-titled release, they kicked off the album with “Double Life“. This is a track with a nostalgic taste of early indie music. The entire album overall very upbeat with lyrics that almost everyone can relate to no matter how you interpret the songs.

Front man Nathan Willett shared that this album was written midst pandemic. Additionally, he wanted to share the struggle of having to play the double life of stripping away the musician aspect of his life and having to simply play the role as a parent. Willett stated via press release “I had to shed my identity as a musician and an artist and just play the role of parent. I wanted to channel that struggle, that soul-searching, because it gave me a window of insight and access to an experience that I needed to grow and ultimately create this album “

We feel the album represents the growth of the band overall through the last 19 years as a group. Do you think this album still has the Cold War Kids vibe we all fell in love with in 2007? What do you think? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

Rating - 4.5/5

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