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Album Review - Caleb Landry Jones: 'Gadzooks Vol. 1'

(Photo Credit - Jade Mainade)

Album Review - Caleb Landry Jones: Gadzooks Vol. 1 (September 24, 2021)

Texas born artist (actor and musician) Caleb Landry Jones is back with his sophomore release Gadzooks Vol. 1. Ultra-psychedelic, but not a nostalgia act, Jones is able to make music that feels highly fresh to today's listener. While vocally, there's naturally going to be comparisons to John Lennon, I don't think Jones can avoid that because of his tone. However, his music should stand out in today's scene, it's bright and it's weird, but it makes sense.

It's a quick listen that clocks in at nine tracks, with two of those being shorter tracks. Most of the album leaves as quickly as it arrived. However, the capstone on the album, "This Wont' Come Back" is a fever dream of music and motion that just keeps you guessing that comes in just over 20 minutes.

Those that are into psychedelic music will surely love this release. Those who have aren't into the abstract may have some trouble grasping the story Jones is telling. That said, musically it's masterful and Jones weaves a hell of a tale.

Rating - 4/5

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