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Album Review: CAAMP - 'Lavender Days'

Updated: May 3, 2023

From the coffee shops of Athens, Ohio to becoming a headlining act, CAAMP has seen a bit of everything. It's hard to believe they've only released three albums to date. They are back with their fourth Lavender Days, and I believe things should continue to boom for the Ohio folk group. They have done such an effective job to attracting people to their sound, and how have they done it? Through hard work and good music. We had a chance to interview them for their release of By and By, check it out here. They are a favorite here at Alt Revue, so needless to say I was excited to see what this album had in store.

CAAMP bring their fresh folk sound back on Lavender Days, a combination of smooth melodies and Taylor Meier's vocals that maintain their smoky tenderness. The band as always, can play it fast or slow it down. My favorite track where they brought things down a bit was "All My Lonesome" a winner of a track if I've ever heard one. One where they liven things up a bit that stuck out to me came near the end of the album with "Snowshoes" (plus the banjo on the track is exquisite).

Musically and lyrically we see continued growth from CAAMP on Lavender Days. Lyrically, "Found (Forever)"is one of the most touching songs I've heard come from any artist in a while. It's description of the trials and tribulations of love and loss are unparalleled. Near the end of the album, CAAMP has "Fever", a slow jam with great guitar that when Meier sings, evokes strong comps to Ray LaMontagne. With Lavender Days, CAAMP have grown exponentially as a group and really have put together a complete album for their followers and for the uninitiated. If you have not gotten aboard the CAAMP train, now's the time.

Rating - 5/5

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