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Album Review: Automatic - 'Excess'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Los Angeles three piece Automatic (Izzy Glaudini, synths, lead vocals, Lola Dompé, drums, vocals), and Halle Saxon-Gaines, bass) are coming in hot off their recent tour with Tame Impala, Parquet Courts and IDLES. With Excess, Automatic establish themselves as an impressive alt/pop act in their own right. Excess is chock full of catchy synths, boppy melodies, and hooks that are perfect to sing along to. This isn't just dance music however, there's a message underneath the sugary sweet synth dance music.

Automatic carry the flag for Gen Z on Excess, tangling with tough topics climate change and the prior generations leaving the new generation with a proverbial dumpster fire of a planet/society. To simply qualify the melodies on Excess as dance would do it an injustice. There's a great amount of space and atmosphere built by the Automatic. There's a lot to explore sonically, and they've provided you the space to do it.

Far too often in today's scene, we see music that doesn't have a bite. It lacks a charge. I want music that kicks me in the face and wakes me up to what the hell is going on around me. On Excess not only do you get something that you can dance to, but you also get something you can raise your fist to as well.

Rating - 5/5

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