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Album Review: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - 'Tilt at the Wind No More'

Updated: May 3, 2023

Indie-pop superstar Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is back with his latest release, Tilt at the Wind No More. McMahon started off publicity for this album with his bright and rocking single "Lying on the Hood of Your Car". Tilt at the Wind No More marks McMahon's fourth album since adopting the moniker Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

The album is so catchy it's hard not to move while listening. We were particularly fans of the poppy tinged "Skywriting". It's a fast paced catchy tune that will bring you to your feet. McMahon isn't afraid to slow it down either, as he does on the very next track "Stars".

The album clocks in at 11 tracks that vary from bright catchy tunes to songs you could definitely imagine slow dancing to (see "Built to Last"). With Tilt at the Wind No More McMahon once again proves he has his finger on the pulse of indie-pop and we for one are thankful for his unique sound.

Rating - 4.5/5

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