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Advance Review - Why Bonnie: 'Voice Box' EP

(Photo Credit - Pooneh Ghana)

Advance Review - Why Bonnie: Voice Box EP (April 10, 2020) on Fat Possum

Austin, Texas' own Why Bonnie are back with their third EP Voice Box. While it may only feature four tracks on the EP, Voice Box has a lot to digest musically.

Featuring bedroom pop sensibilities and dynamic vocals from Blair Howerton, Why Bonnie are making music that is ahead of what's out there. While musically, they are rooted in bedroom pop, it's worth noting that melodically, Why Bonnie's style is guitar driven at it's core. The reverb stylized guitar fits perfectly with the synth that creates a backing atmosphere to most of the melodies found on the EP. Though it's worth noting that on the single "Athlete" the guitars get dripped in overdrive and Howerton's vocals push with a raw power that when combined evokes comps to Kim Deal's Breeders.

Lyrically, Howerton is able to achieve a sense of longing throughout Voice Box in her lyrics that is rare. Themes of love and leaving are also threaded throughout the EP. Passion is often compared to fire. One of my favorite lyrics from the album is "I wanna take off your clothes / Set us on fire just to see where the smoke goes", absolutely stunning. In four tracks Why Bonnie has managed to achieve a lot. I can't wait to see what they do with a full-length release. Check them out, they certainly have my attention.

Rating - 4/5

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