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Advance Review - Peter Bjorn and John: 'Endless Play' EP

(Photo Credit - Johan Bergmark)

Advance Review - Peter Bjorn and John: Endless Play EP (December 11, 2020)

Endless Play comes at the tail end of three years of consistent music making for Peter Bjorn and John, where the three members had been making songs from their own viewpoints. Endless Play stands as a tribute to this time as each song stands on its own, but shares a similar foundation, particularly within indie-pop. "Season of Defiance" opens the EP and features a bright melody that evokes comps to more traditional indie-pop. That is, rhythmic guitar, prominent bass, and vocals that tend to stick to the melody.

"Gone Gone Gone" turns this on it's head a bit and tracks more toward a traditional alt/indie track. It deliberately slows things down a bit to hold the listener and features the use of a twelve string guitar. When asked about the single, Bjorn said that the group had been toying with the melody for years, ultimately describing it as a mix of Beethoven's ‘Für Elise and Twisted Sister. What remains clear is that it jumps off the record at you. On the final track "Gonggong", the rhythm section steps up as the stars of the show, particularly the percussion which is absolutely fantastic.

While it may be a short EP Endless Play is well worth your time and shows a certain playfulness from Peter Bjorn and John. I'm absolutely down for their brand of indie pop any day and Endless Play had me from the start. Give it a listen!

Rating - 4/5

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