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Advance Review - Jenny Owen Youngs - 'Night Shift'

(Photo Credit - Tucker Leary)

Advance Review - Jenny Owen Youngs - Night Shift - (November 15, 2019)

Night Shift starts off with the beautifully atmospheric/acoustic number "Vampire Weeknight". The harmonies on this track are great as Jenny Owen Youngs hits middle and highs that just work. The song lifts up a bit from it's ethereal verse around the 2:30 mark. "Living Room" is methodically paced. A great comp for Jenny Owen Youngs' sound would have to be Phoebe Bridgers.

"Dreaming On the Bus" picks things up a bit with a faster acoustic melody holding down the rhythm, which is accompanied by some great drums. Owen Youngs really shows off her vocal range on this one aiming high and nailing it. She also hits some beautiful falsetto work as well. This song is just so damn catchy, you could see it coming off as a single from the EP.

We slow back down with "Graviton" and never are those Phoebe Bridgers comps more evident than right here, particularly in the vocals. On "Dream was About" we hear Owen Youngs venture to electric guitar. The sound has a blend of indie and alt to it. It picks up quickly and has all the elements to make you move. This one is a banger of sorts and you'll be sure to dig it. Hell of a way to end an EP.

Rating - 4/5

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