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Advance Review - Poolblood - 'Yummy' EP

Advance Review - Poolblood - Yummy EP (November 8, 2019)

Yummy kicks off with "I'm Sorry", a bit of a slower track, but it stays within the alt-dream pop genre. There are some fantastic vocals going on throughout the song that would absolutely carry it on their own. However, there's also some great guitar-work there as well. Things pick up a bit with "Dreamer" which begins with an almost pop-punk style guitar riff and drum line. It's not surprising to hear this given Maryam's affinity for Hayley Williams as a musical inspiration (See our Artist Spotlight with her for more!)

On "Here's Where the Story Ends", I'm reminded of Japanese Breakfast in a great way. The vocal harmonies here are fun and again within the alt-dream pop genre. The synth is out in full force on this one, and it provides a solid backbone for the track. Yummy lands the ship with it's closing track "Memoir" which evokes comps to Snail Mail or Soccer Mommy. The melody is guitar driven, but Maryam's vocals carry some reverb with them that makes the track sound a bit more haunting. 

Overall, this is a strong debut effort from the 20 something year old Poolblood. To be honest, I felt all four tracks were equally strong and if she keeps putting out bangers like these, she's going to find herself being mentioned and booked with names like Japanese Breakfast, Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, etc. 

Rating - 4.5/5  

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