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Advance Review - Thunderpussy - 'Milk It' EP

(Photo Credit - Christine Mitchell) 

Advance Review - Thunderpussy - Milk It EP - October 25, 2019

The EP kicks off with "Powerhouse", a song that lyrically is full of women's empowerment and I absolutely love it. Musically, it's a masterclass in catchy rock n' roll rhythms with great leads and drums. Molly Sides' vocals are phenomenal on this one selling the rock vibe of the track. The EP doesn't slow down with "Never Know" which has an opening riff that evokes comps to AC/DC. The verses are slowed down and build nicely to the hook where the melody pops off again.

In "On the line" Thunderpussy slows it down a bit, it's an acoustic number that honestly sound brilliant. Though it deviates from the bands harder tones in other songs, they sound just as home here as they do in their rock material. Finally, we have "Trust A Man", this track has an almost alt-country feel to it (in the way that Jason Isbell is alt-country). This is another song about finding empowerment and that you don't need a partner to have strength. It's a beautifully touching track. The lyrics repeatedly read "Love you're not alone / Stronger than you know." Each time these lyrics are sang by Molly Sides they become more powerful than the last. To wrap this up, the tracks we got are great, I greedily wish there were more, but that's okay. It's a strong effort from a band on the rise. 

Rating - 4/5  

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