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Advance Review - BODEGA - 'Shiny New Model' EP

(Photo Credit - Kirsten Kay Thoen)

Advance Review - BODEGA - Shiny New Model EP - (October 11, 2019) via What's Your Rupture?​

Shiny New Model, Bodega’s seven-track EP dropping on October 7, beckons back to an era that seems so close yet so far away.

Starting with the title track, "Shiny New Model", the listener is hit with strong multi-track guitars, peppy rhythmic drums and the irony is not lost on me when I realize the song is set in an actual bodega. “Tell me, don’t you feel used? Buttons pressed in the back of the bodega, In the aisle by the cleaning supplies, In the corner by the stale crackers,” lead vocalist Ben Hozier croons. In this culture of consumerism and Instagram influencers I think we all can identify with the idea (fear?) of being interchanged for a shiny new model.

The next track "Treasures of The Ancient World" brings the same breezy alt-rock grunge punk vibe that I associate with the 90s, at times reminding me of classic Everclear or Modest Mouse. The next two tracks, "No Vanguard Revival" and "Knife On The Platter" pleasingly add a chanty rap-rock Red Hot Chilli Peppers influence to the mix. And, Nikki Belfiglio takes over the mic for "Domesticated Animal" and her rhythmic chanting paired with a fast guitar makes me want to dance. "Truth is Not Punishment" is long. Like, really, really, really long. But, the instrumental talent warrants a listen and there’s a short version if that isn’t your cup of tea.

The EP is good. And feels influenced by artists I love, yet distinctly its own. This music draws on the good things, but is no copycat record. It makes me feel excited and angsty and alive.

The verdict: This EP deserves heavy rotation.

Rating - 5/5

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