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The Bloody Classics - Supergrass

Supergrass, I Should Coco 1995, Parlophone

Track List

  1. I'd Like to Know

  2. Caught by the Fuzz

  3. Mansize Rooster

  4. Alright

  5. Lose It

  6. Lenny

  7. Strange Ones

  8. Sitting Up Straight

  9. She's So Loose

  10. We're Not Supposed To

  11. Time

  12. Sofa (of My Lethargy)

  13. Time to Go

Lead singer and guitarist Gaz Coombes, drummer Danny Goffey and bassist Mick Quinn formed Supergrass in 1993. I Should Coco was their debut album. Influenced by the punk scene as well as Madness, Supertramp, The Beatles and The Kinks it spent three weeks at number 1 and the band  then spent well over a year touring it. Both the album and the single Alright eventually went platinum.

I’d Like to Know is a fast and furious start which sets the tone for the whole album. You know I love a drug song and Caught by the Fuzz is one of my favourites, telling the story of Gaz Coombes’ teenage brush with the law after he was arrested for cannabis possession. It continues the punky vibe with the rhythm section working hard and rocking out. Mansize Rooster is all about the drums and there is a definite Madness type feeling both in the melody and in the vocal delivery. The band’ s most successful single Alright is more obviously commercial with its fun keyboard part (provided by Gaz Coombes’ brother Rob, who would later be credited as a full member of the band) and anthemic chorus. Lose It brings us back to the harder vibe with an angry, grungy love song. Danny Goffey is brilliant on the drums throughout this album and Lenny is a showpiece for him. Strange Ones feels like brilliant anarchy such is the juxtaposition between the chorus and the verses. This was originally meant to be the B-side to Caught By The Fuzz - what a phenomenal single release that would have been, but I’m glad we’ve been blessed with it on the album instead. Sitting Up Straight is a complete change of vibe. The opening keyboard seems to come straight out of a music hall, then there is some cool guitar picking and then the chorus thrashes into life and it’s business as usual again. She’s So Loose slows things down very slightly, but with its catchy rhythm, it’s a welcome change. We’re Not Supposed To has a weird sped up, high pitched vocal, it’s bizarre but fun and a bit different. Time feels a lot like an old ‘70s rocker. The diverse influences continue with the very Beatles-esque Sofa (of My Lethargy) and closing track Time to Go, these are my least favourite tracks, although both are well executed.

The band themselves have said that when they first got together they just liked to play fast and loud and this is very evident throughout the album in a good way. It’s an incredible debut and deserves its place as a classic. Fast, energetic and fun it captures the spirit of a group of talented young guys enjoying making music. The first half of the album is definitely better than the second since it’s more coherent but this is a minor quibble, in a year of incredible releases, I Should Coco still stands out from the crowd.

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