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Advance Review - Final Child - 'Till Death Do Us Part (part I)'

(Photo Credit - Trippy Dana)

Advance Review - Final Child - Till Death Do Us Part (part I) - (September 13, 2019)

Jen Akerman, a.k.a. dark-pop performer Final Child kicks off Till Death Do Us Part (part I) (after an intro) with "Boyfriend/Girlfriend". Akerman's vocals lay hush over darker-pop tones that just work, including beats that at times sound like heart beats. I love the basic melody that emerges, I felt like they could have had Akerman's vocals pop a bit more off the track, but that's just personal preference.

"Ruthless Liar" has a classic blues feel to it that had he hook, line, and sinker. The hook absolutely busts out on this one though and takes over with some fun guitar work and dynamic vocal range from Akerman. "Radio Lover" is a track that features a melody that feels like darker pop mixed with industrial. It had me immediately out of the gate and held me through the hook. It sounds so different than what you hear in traditional alt-pop music, I think it's certifiably fresh sounding.

"The Wounds" is a slower track that does a great job of closing up the EP. It does have breakout moments in it, but it does a great job of landing the plane that is the EP. Overall, I thought Akerman put out some strong alt-pop. I thought there were some tracks where her vocals could have been highlighted a bit more. That said, I also absolutely dug the music. The EP has a fresh feel with it's darker tones and Akerman's vocals which pair well with them. I'm excited to see what she will do with more tracks on future work!

Tracks You Should Check Out Immediately - "Ruthless Liar", "Radio Lover", "Pill on the Tongue", and "The Wounds"

Rating - 4/5

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