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Mosh Pit Minute - 8/3/19

Hey Alt Revue Nation! It’s Quin back with another Mosh Pit Minute.

Make Do and Mend – "St. Anne": Post-hardcore band from Connecticut forming in 2003, Make Do and Mend released St. Anne on the album Everything You Ever Loved (2012). Describing the theme of loss, the lead singer uses the song St. Anne to portray times of loss, but with the benefit of the person he writes about being besides him to endure it all no matter what.

Escape the Fate – "Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliché": One of two singles from their debut album Dying is Your Latest Fashion (2006), Escape the Fate has been described as multiple genres. “Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliché” is about a relationship that goes insane and results in the death of one of the parties. The opening line is a haunting reminder that even though at one time she was his Juliet, she is his enemy now. This was the first and last album that Ronnie Radke would make with the band.

Modern Baseball – "Fine, Great": Indie-rock band Modern Baseball released this song on the album You’re Gonna Miss It All (2014), “Fine, Great” is the opening track. The lead singer struggles with the thought of worrying about his own future because of the crushing anxiety that comes along with the future. This song also details a relationship in which the female does not pay the lead singer much mind. In order to preserve mental well being, physical well being, and their friendships the band chose to take an indefinite hiatus in 2017.

Bring Me the Horizon – "True Friends": That’s the Spirit (2015) marked the bands withdrawal from the metalcore scene. “True Friends” is a song stocked to the brim with idioms. One listen to the song, and it is easy to grasp the concept. Forget the person and never forgive them. The lead singer, Oli Sykes, gave an interview in which he stated that this song is about keeping those that hurt you at arms-length.

Chiodos – "Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek": Formed in 2001, post-hardcore band, Chiodos, is flawless in every album they have produced. In their first studio album, All’s Well That Ends Well (2005), “Baby You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek” is the third single that was pre-released. Contrary to popular belief, the lead singer revealed that this song was written about him wanting to depart from the band, not about the end of a relationship.

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