Advance Review and Artist Spotlight - The Harmaleighs

(Photo Credit - Ruth Chapa) 

We had the opportunity to do an Advance Review of The Harmaleighs' new album 'She Won't Make Sense' which drops August 2nd! We also had an opportunity to interview the duo! You're definitely going to want to check out this one when it drops. But first, be sure to check out our review and interview!

Advance Review - The Harmaleighs - She Won't Make Sense

Musically this album dances the line of indie-pop delicately, as duo Haley Grant and Kaylee Jasperson build intricate riffs and harmonies together throughout every track. It's a versatile sound that The Harmaleighs create here, as they sometimes work with synth and other times stick to more traditional indie fare of guitar and bass.  

This album masterfully touches on issues of mental health through its lyrics in a way that few artists I have ever seen do. Especially regarding anxiety and depression. Haley Grant sings of many behaviors commonly linked to anxiety and depression such as: Not getting about of bed in a day, lack of sleep, not wanting to talk, and having panic attacks.

For the purposes of the album, Grant names her anxiety "Susan". She notes “The whole album is me talking to Susan or Susan acting on my behalf,”. As someone who experiences mental health issues himself, I found the songs not only well written and thought out, but among the most relatable to my own experiences that I have ever heard.   

Songs We'd Recommend - "Anthem for the Weak", "Moving my Body", "Talk", "Mannequin", "I Don't Know Myself" and "Dim the Light"

Closing Thoughts - There are certain times when I hear a record and it just feels like it is important. That is, it's going to have some sort of impact, commercially, critically, or just among people. It's not a feeling I get very often, but when I do it's immediate and powerful. I have that feeling about She Won't Make Sense. The Harmaleighs have written something special here. Not just because it's so powerfully touching regarding it's use of themes of mental health. I feel that this album could help people find someone or something to relate to and know they are not alone. Musically, the album is adventurous taking the listener on an mashup adventure of alt, indie, and pop. When this one drops, don't be late to the party...It's great.   

Rating - 5/5

Artist Spotlight - The Harmaleighs

1. How did you come to pursue music and how long have you been at it?

Haley: I started begging my parents for a guitar around 14/15 and got one for Christmas when I was 16. Immediately interested in writing music. I would use lyrics from poems written and string together with a melody. Completely enamored by the process. My favorite thing was writing all my lyrics in one journal then filling up every last page. The lyrics were shit but finishing a journal off felt like the biggest accomplishment.

Kaylee: I’ve been playing bass since I was 12, and once I hit high school, I was lucky enough to have an amazing mentor that guided me in this direction.

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