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#TOPSIXTUESDAY is back in a new form! We are bringing you six bands a week that have caught our eye that you need to check out. So with that said, let's get it!

1. The Black Keys - It's official, The Black Keys are back and boy did they not disappoint with their newest album Let's Rock. Pound for pound, this might be my favorite album from The Black Keys.

2. Thom Yorke - Thom York showed why he is still one of the most talented musicians in alt music with the release of his fantastic solo album ANIMA this past week. You absolutely need to check it out.

3. The Raconteurs - The Raconteurs are officially back after dropping their new album Help Me Stranger last week. It has thus far been a commercial and critical success for Jack White and company, securing them a spot on this week's list.

4. The Driver Era - The Driver Era dropped their debut album X and we have to say it's pretty strong. This has earned them a spot on this week's list.

5. Shakey Graves - This is not a drill, Shakey Graves released a new single titled "A World So Full of Love". Time for you to check it out immediately!

6. Neck Deep - Neck Deep just dropped their new single "She's a God" this past week. The strength of this alt rock track was enough to earn the group a spot on the list this week!

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