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Music You Need to Know!

Welcome to our continuing series Music You Need to Know! Here we search high and low to bring you some of the best of what alt has to offer that you might not have heard! Check it out!

(Photo Credit - Nathan Bajar)

1. Long Beard - (For Fans of: Japanese Breakfast)

The brainchild of New Jersey native Leslie Bear, Long Beard represents an ambient, alt, and pop fusion that is sure to hook you immediately. She released her debut full-length Sleepwalker in 2015 and it is something you absolutely must hear. Long Beard just announced a new album Means to Me due out September 13, 2019 via Double Whammy. It will be produced by Japanese Breakfast's Craig Hendrix. Familiarize yourself with Sleepwalker before Means to Me drops. With her sound, Long Beard is headed places.


(Photo Credit - Matt Bizer)

2. Jade Jackson - (For fans of: Margot Price)

Jade Jackson's unique blend of alt-country has gained steam along her career thus far. Her first album Gilded was produced by Social Distortion's Mike Ness and it was absolutely fantastic. She toured in support of Social D in 2018, and we can attest she's fantastic live. She just released a brand new album Wilderness, which promises a deeper dive into her personal side. What's clear is that for those that are fans of alt-country, you should definitely check out Jade Jackson, you won't be disappointed.

(Photo Credit - Jenna Putnam)

3. Gold Star - (For fans of: Wilco)

We said Wilco here because of their versatility (think their self-titled album), but truly it's so hard to pin down Gold Star's sound. What is known is that it's absolutely fantastic. The project of Marlon Rabenreither, an Austria-born but LA-raised musician throws a bit of all sorts of influences into his music. The result is a laid back alt-fusion that he easily sings over. Gold Star already has three albums to his credit (Dark Days, Big Blue, and Uppers & Downers) as well as an EP (Gold Star) since 2012. His most recent release Uppers & Downers is an absolute diamond in the rough of alt music today. If you aren't paying attention, you really should be.

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