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#HotTake Review - Lost & Faded - Searching Shorelines

#HotTake Review - Lost & Faded - Searching Shorelines

"Undertow" begins with some heavy alt-rock guitars that are absolutely great. The vocal harmonies that take place between the group are solid. This track evokes slight memories of less gothic, shticky, AFI (FYI, that's a good thing).

"Dead Inside" is up next. I appreciate the guitar in this song with the picking played throughout the verses juxtaposed against the harsher riffs in between. The drums on this track are worth pointing out as well, particularly the fantastic beats that led to stops in the music. Absolutely killer.

Finally, "Tearing Me Apart" is a track that's melody has movements to it which I absolutely love. There are portions of the song where it's tearing fast, especially on the hook. There are also moments where it's more slowed down.

Closing Thoughts - This is a great effort from Lost & Faded. However, there was one thing I noticed in all three songs that bothered me. I felt that the vocals in all of the songs were a little too low in the mix. This isn't a major gripe, but I would have loved to hear them a bit more as I can tell they were great. The melodies throughout the album were dynamic and could shift on a dime, props to the guys in the band here, they know their instruments and play as a tight, cohesive unit. For only being together a year, they run a tight ship. Lost & Faded have carved out a nice alt-rock sound for themselves that isn't quite alt-punk and isn't metal. They definitely do their own thing. They've told me that they have an upcoming release in July, I'm excited to see what that brings.

Rating - 4/5

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