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The Friday Five

1. “Pressure” - Muse

Whenever Muse puts out new music I can’t wait to listen to it. The first time I heard the song “Pressure” I knew it was them by their signature sound and Matthew Bellamy’s voice. The band does a good job at keeping a nice groove to the song while not losing their edgy rock sound. That is what I really enjoy about this band and I think others would say the same.

Muse has been really popular for a really long time and they have stayed true to their sound. Their fans like them because their music has a good groove to it while also keeping true to rock music and not letting themselves get too influenced by what everyone else is doing on the radio.

2. “When Legends Rise” - Godsmack

Godsmack is a band that has stayed true to their roots in music. They came out around a time when rock and metal was at its peak in the 2000’s and their sound has not really changed since then. I have been seeing that this song has been rising the charts for a while. When I heard the song on the radio for the first time it was refreshing to hear them have new material that sounds like some of their older stuff but with a modern edge.

To me it has a message of encouragement for others going through a hard time. There is not much I can say about this song beside the fact that it is all and all a really good metal/rock song. I hope you find it enjoyable as well!

3. “Take on Me” - Weezer

Since doing their take on the song “Africa” Weezer has now caught the nostalgia bug. Now the band has done a full album of cover songs and I am here for it. I think it is nice sometimes to get an album from a band that is lighthearted and full of fun. That being said, I really enjoy the song “Take on Me” and I enjoy Weezers take on it. Of course it is not as good as the original but it is still a nice listen.

Weezer in my opinion is a band that doesn’t have to prove themselves anymore musically. For years they have been showing off their creative chops with the music they create. Now, they are taking some time to cover some songs they enjoy and the fun they are having can be felt while listening to the album. Don’t come in listening to it thinking it is going to be like their other stuff though.

4. “Heroin” - Badflower

Badflower is a band to watch. Their music feels honest and true to the heart without being too emotional. This song in particular sounds like it is talking about a women the lead singer is obsessed with. Or a women that they can’t get over or let go. Which is why the reference to Heroin is used.

This song feels relatable and full of raw emotion and all and all it sounds like an amazing rock song. They seem like a band that does not shy away from tough topics in their music and I can really respect that about them. Check them out if you get the chance.

5. “Who Do You Love” - Dorothy

I first heard about Dorothy when she played in Corpus Christi a couple of months ago. I enjoy the band’s music and the vocals are absolutely amazing. That is why I was so excited to see this band on the rock charts and I am so excited for this band’s future.

Dorothy gives me a throwback feel to their music as well. I would compare them to Greta Van Fleet in a way. It is a salute to the past without trying too hard. A song like this could be played on a classic rock radio station as well as a modern rock station as well. I love this band and will continue singing their praises.

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