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Confessional with Bad Saint - 2/4/19

It's Monday and that means it's time for Confessional with Bad Saint! Every week Bad Saint will be taking your musical questions, confessions, and/or settling your debates. We have a great batch of questions this week from the public. If you would like to submit a question for Bad Saint, send an email to With that, let's get to your questions!


Hey Bad Saint, Loved your new track "Cover Your Shift" can you tell us a little bit about the writing and recording process of this sick jam? -Bradley from Texas Bad Saint: Well, I’m Jewish and when you’re Jewish around Jesus’s birthday everyone seems to assume you don’t also have plans. I have plans. Initially I wrote the song for a Christmas party, and recorded it about a year later with Maurice Hall and at home in my living room. Christmas is my JAM, hopefully I can make it a Bad Saint tradition.


Hi Bad Saint, Wanted to get your input on some new artists I should be checking out! Always looking for recommendations! -Emily from Toronto Bad Saint: Maggie Rogers is my queen. I’ve also been loving Middle Kids.


Bad Saint, Do you have a favorite guitar tuning? -James from Memphis Bad Saint: EBGDAE is really all I use. I’m old school, sometimes if I feel really wild I’ll tune down a half step. Recently I got over my aversion to capos, so that makes me feel adventurous.


Dear Bad Saint, What's your favorite thing about teaching music? -Lilly from New Orleans Bad Saint: Figuring out how other people process things. I love trying to understand how other people think and adjusting curriculum based on who I’m sitting with.


Hey Bad Saint, How do you channel your inner badass on the stage? -Frank from Boston Bad Saint: Performing is very cathartic for me. On stage I just try to connect with what brought me to that stage on as honest a level as possible. Thats my version of badass, and it’s different day to day.

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