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Advance Review - Allie Crow Buckley - So Romantic

 (Photo Credit: Brit Bogan)

We had the opportunity to get early access to Allie Crow Buckley's new EP So Romantic! The EP will drop on February 5, 2019. Check out our track by track review below!

Allie Crow Buckley - So Romantic EP

1. As I Walk Into the Sea - Fantastic piano that forms alt-pop melodies. This is topped with some serious vocal chops from Buckley. We're absolutely dumbfounded by how great the hook is in this track and how seamless the transition to it is. The guitar solo in this track was also well placed.  

2. Cusco - A slow burner until you get to the hook, which is a bit simple lyrically. The breakdown on this one is so great though and really makes the song, it comes in around 3/4 of the way through. 

3. Cherry Stems - Guitar here, which is a change of pace for Buckley. This is another builder that pops off about 1:20 in with a nice steady hook that features some great falsetto from Buckley. 

4. Captive - This track has a moody blues or jazz feel to it with the guitar play. Love the lyrical play throughout, Buckley is damn near close to dropping bars but still singing she moves seamlessly as she sings. Her flawless falsetto is on display here again. She is a talent vocally and can ride that to great heights. 

5. Fool Around - This one starts slow, but picks up around a minute and a half in with a fast paced but gentle melody. Buckley's vocals are the star here and they are smooth as silk as she moves over each lyric. There is something very classic but modern about her vocal style that is appealing. 

6. Changes (Black Sabbath cover) - We are so excited she covered a Black Sabbath song!!! She takes it in a new direction both musically. Musically it's very focused, tempered, almost jazzy. Vocally, Buckley doesn't feel the need to blow out the pipes like Ozzy does on the original of this track and truth be told, it's a nice shift. Great cover, she brought something new to the track and made it her own. 

Closing Thoughts - Just pure clean vocals on this album that are downright classic. Buckley's voice is a throwback and something that modern singers strive for at the same time. She has great range and can break into a falsetto with the best of them. Musically, there's a nice lounge feel to some of the songs that pair perfectly with the vocals. Everything feels very deliberate to highlight the vocals, which is great. Though this is an EP, it does seem to have a nice theme tying each song together which is cool to see. 

Ratings: 4/5

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