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The Friday Five - 12/21/18

“All My Friends”- The Revivalists

The Revivalists had a big hit with the song, “Wish I Knew You,” and now nearing the end of 2018, their song “All My Friends” looks like their next big single. This song comes off the band’s album Take Good Care, and the single has the same feel as the band’s previous top single, in a good way. I really enjoy this song and relate to it in many ways and I think The Revivalists do a really good job at making music that makes their audience feel connected to every little word the band says in their songs.

According to lead singer Dave Shaw, he originally wrote the song when he was in his twenty’s. He explained to, “It was kind of a time in my life that was a bit tumultuous, doing a few things that a lot of us do I would say.” The band put the song on the back burner for a while before later finishing and releasing the song when they were in their thirties.

“Hear Me Now” – Bad Wolves featuring DIAMANTE

Bad Wolves has been on my radar ever since they covered The Cranberries’ “Zombie.” I have been looking out for them to release new music and with the single “Hear Me Now” featuring DIAMANTE, they did not disappoint. This song sounds like it is full of emotion and I love the sound of the two vocalists singing together, they do a really good job complementing one another.

I think that this song really shows off the softer side to this band. It is still heavy but in another way. There are pianos and a lot more vocal harmonies then their other big single. I like this side to the band and this song is super enjoyable. Bad Wolves is sure not to disappoint and I think this song is one to look out for.

“Ghost” – Badflower

I must be behind the curve, because before a couple of days ago, I had never heard of the band Badflower and I am very sad that I am just discovering their music now. Granted, they have only been releasing music for a short period of time, so I guess I am not that behind. I really enjoy the song "Ghost" and the deep meaning it has for the lead singer.

Lead singer Josh Katz said that he wrote the song during a tough period in his life, according to During this time period, he was dealing with frequent panic attacks and thoughts of self-harm. At first, he was hesitant to show the band the song he wrote, but after he did, they loved it and the song ended up on the album. In a way, according to Katz, the sound was therapeutic and helped him get over what he was going through.

“Listening for Silence” – P.O.D

When you think about a band like P.O.D, the first songs you think of are songs like, “Youth of a Nation,” “Boom,” and “Alive.” But in 2018, they released the song “Listen for Silence” and I have to say I really enjoy it. The song keeps the band’s authentic style, but was also made modern and fresh for a 2018 audience. When I first heard this song on the radio, I was happily surprised at the bands modern sound, and I think this song is a really great listen.

This song comes off of the band’s album Circles. It is their first album since 2015 and I like the sound of it so far. “This song is about the voices we battle in our heads as well as the perfect communication I find in your unspoken words,” lead singer Sonny Sandoval said to This song also deals with paranoia and being afraid of your own thoughts.

“Feral Roots” – Rival Sons

I cannot express enough how much I really like this song! I enjoy this band’s whole sound and if you have never heard of them before, you should definitely hear this song. “Feral Roots” comes off of the bands up and coming 2019 album of the same title. Other songs like “Back in the Woods” are also great to check out as well, if you get the chance. This band has a hard rock feel to their music with a little bit of soul attached to their sound.

I chose this song because I enjoyed how great the vocals and lyrics complemented the overall sound of the song. I know you might be thinking that is the whole point to any song, but Rival Sons does it so well. If the song “Feral Roots” is any indication of how this band’s upcoming album will sound, I think we are in for a treat very soon!

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