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Album Review - Sex Tide - Possession Sessions

Sex Tide - Possession Sessions

Although I thoroughly like where this album takes me, I had no intention of writing about multiple songs. I wanted to write a general statement, “Great overall album. Give it a listen and look for your feel. It will be somewhere,” and then focus on one. However, I was unable to stick with the original plan.

I am beginning to realize that there is something about the first song of an album. Although it is an idea I have understood, studied and explored in other arenas, I began to waver. However, after listening to a lot of different album releases over the last couple of months, I know it is as necessary as I once thought. Sorry. It is.

Possession Sessions gives right off what I will call their pop song. I’m sure it is not what they want to hear, but in “Great Black Swamp,” the guitar work is just too catchy. It is easy to like, and I can see it earworming into my head for the rest of the day.

Followed by “I Was So Wrong,” the second song is my favorite for Aurelie vocals on this album. She hits us hard early and doesn’t stop. Although I want to focus on the surf rock guitar, I cannot let my attention wander from Aurelie’s voice. It shows my masochistic side. I just want her to scream at me, “I was so wrong, I was so wrong, I was so wrong, to follow you.”

“Orange Peels” takes it down a notch before, “Cabiria’s Tetherball Boogie.” There was no way I was getting out of this review without mention this song. In fact, it was the one I wanted to write about, which is strange because Aurelie is not on the vocal. And I love her voice.

Mike Rep takes the reigns on this song using his voice like Tom Waits. The music is toned down, seemly background noise as he tells us a strange story. However, the raw, early punk I-don’t-want-you-to-love-me sound plays an intricate part. Just wait. “Whip it around the pole.”

I’m stopping here. Side A review. Flip that vinyl and listen to the other side. Tell me the mood you walk away in. I’m just going to say, I had a strangely satisfied smile on my face. The one no one wants to see. The one that brings the word ornery to the forefront of my thoughts. (I have always used this word wrong. I blame it on my mom, and the many times she used it to describe me.)

Four out of Five

by Jesse R Stowe

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