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The Friday Five - 10/26/18

Geri Lemmons, Contributor 

This week’s top 5 consists of artists from all different genres surrounding the alternative music. From those who are heavier sounding to those that could be considered pop. What’s great about the alternative music scene is that so many bands and musicians can be under the same genre but sound so different. I hope you enjoy this week’s top 5! 


Mitski is a rising artist whose shows are now selling out across the United States. Her music is alternative and her lyrics can really makes you feel all of the feelings. She is different, innovative, and the future of women in music in my opinion. That all being said, if you want to get into her music the first song you should start out listening to is her song “Nobody.” This song makes you want to dance while at the same time relate to her and what she is saying.

“Nobody” was written after the singer competed a tour of Asia and Australia. She had the choice of flying back to the United Sates or staying on that side of the country and going to Malaysia. She chose to go to Malaysia and quickly regretted it. She felt all alone and sad looking out other people with their loved ones. And that was how this song was born. The song comes off of the singer’s album, “Be the Cowboy.” It is a really great album and she is definitely an artist to look out for. 

“The Gold”-Manchester Orchestra

When I first heard this song I knew it would be one of my favorites for a very long time. “The Gold” is a song the sounds soft but also loud at the same time. The song also feels classical and innovative. The lyrics to me seem very emotional and heavy. To me, the lyrics sound like a conversation and one that could song sad but also very loving. Manchester Orchestra has been all over the alternative music airways. The band has also been playing all over the country and even played at Austin City Limits. A lot of their music sounds classical with a modern twist. Just enough twist to make it attentive but now too music that it doesn’t sound like their signature sound. 


Seafret is a band from the UK. I first heard about them because they were recommended to me by YouTube. I listened to the song and watched the music video and I really enjoyed it. This song has a nice balance between soft and loud. This song has a good build throughout it while also being simple and emotional. This song comes off of the band’s album Tell me its Real.

“Ocean” is about the members of the band moving to London and leaving their loved ones behind according to Distance is what inspired them to write and record the song. “We focused on keeping the lyrics direct and simple and decided to leave it up to the vocals and guitar to bring out the emotion in the song” Seafret said in an interview with HuffPost. 


Mobley is a one man band coming out of Austin, TX. His music has been described as being post-genre pop and alternative. Mobley is the type of artist that puts in so much thought and effort into every aspect of his music career. From the music itself, the music video, how his music is released, and how is fans can be involved. I really could have chosen any song from Mobley, but “Solo” was the first one that came to mind.

“Solo” feels like a pop song, but with electric elements. This song is great to jump and sing along to. Also, if you are listening to the song I would also check out the music video as well. Another thing I would recommend is checking out one of Mobley’s live performances if he ever comes to a town near you!


Letlive is much heavier then than some of the bands I have picked before. But they are defiantly worth the listen if you get the chance. “Younger” is one of my favorite songs from the band. It is full of energy and raw anger. With the band album, “The Blackest Beautiful” is commentary based off of the world and the state it was in at the time. “Younger” that feels angry and to me the song is talking about false profits, and proving people wrong. That is at least what the song means to me.

Like I said before, this song may seem a lot heavier than the previous songs I have recommended. But this is the type of song people should really listen to at least once. Their music has a punk hard core feeling to it. If you are looking for a band that will make you think, feel, and pump you up, this is band and song to listen to.       

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