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Catching Up - Culture Wars

We were able to catch up with Culture Wars after their fantastic set at ¡Otra Fest! to visit. It was the first chance we had to chat since our artist spotlight with them way back in June/July. We were excited to see what they had been up to in the month

1. When you decided to take this thing full-time where it is now, what was that moment like?

".That's always been for us. We're fully gung ho about it, that it's kind of been the mindset the entire time, like, obviously, there's life that happens and things that have to happen in between with the whole like, let's go for this thing. The reality is, like, we've, I think one of the things that we have the most common beyond music is that drive. So for us, that that's kind of always been the case it's just kind of shit happens and you make it work within it. But that drive is always been the same for us. It's kind of where we met on common ground is different, you know, as it progresses, you get different stages like your career and where you go. And we just been really fortunate to hit next levels and get more opportunities to stay more busy and, you know, not have to, you know, really taking time off and when we are not touring, we're writing recording new stuff. And we're constantly trying to stay in the limelight. Stay current keep, you know, not keep people focused, because nowadays people can lose focus like that. And we're going the next thing so we're trying to keep everyone active".

2. Tell me how you got involved in ¡Otra Fest!?

"So we started playing here (House of Rock), I want to say February, but we started talking in November. And since our very first show here, Casey (Lain), came to us and said 'Hey, I've got a festival I'm working on. I'm gonna let you know about it.' And 'I'm like, Okay, yeah, totally.' And then, like, you know, we kept talking back and forth. And eventually, like, I think, you know, somewhere in the, in the time he was like, 'All right, here's the festival. We'd love you guys to be here.' And so for us to be here. You know, I guess almost a year later. It's, it's cool. It's fun. It's, it's been a lot of fun".

3. Y'all have been shooting some epic music videos, how do those concepts come to be?

"I mean, it's, it's two things one is I like I graduated from school, that's kind of it. So I'm just like, 'hey, I want to use my degree for something' that's half. The other half. It is really like, honestly, from a trying to reach new people standpoint, right? Like you want to give them like, if you've never heard about the band before, and you're listening to music online, like that's cool. But like giving something visual is always really interesting to me. And it keeps you engaged keeps you watching and like checking it out. And from what I've heard people you know, people really liked the videos and it kind of keeps you engaged".

4. Tell me where the idea for the audio at the beginning of your set came from?

"It started at the very beginning. Like our very first show was like, a secret show. Which we invited our friends to be like a small space. Yeah. So we've been doing it for since the beginning to me was always like just being in the band. And there's a lot of noises lot of things going on. It was the changing of the dials. The TV Yeah, it's just a lot of noise. Yeah, a lot of shit going on a lot of noise level, whatever. And you just kind of like changing that out trying to find something. That's where it started. And the different parts of culture. Yeah, different parts of culture. Yeah. And so we were planning to change it up pretty soon".

5. What's next music-wise?

"Yeah, we've been we've been writing and working in the studio since June, the way we work is we're constantly recording on laptops, or like, whatever is available. Yeah, we're we're always demoing so the idea of like, pushing something through to the final thing, it has to really be something we really want to do, right? So we have, you know, probably likes five or six that we're really in love with, and like, one that we're like, this has to come out, right. So that's the way we've been handling it. And the way Spotify works is it favors singles. So okay, we're gonna put on saying, right, just one after the other month, part two months, or whatever.

So, you know, we're just working on new music. And we've been doing it so you know, the summer and because we don't have to be in the studio, we can do whatever. And then like later, if we're about to put it out, we go back and see and get the real guitar real drops the real whatever but you can always do that after the fact right now. I think we're going back in next week to like, mess around. We're always working. Even if we put out something next week we would be back in the week after it's just our stuff and also just like helps give us like, I don't know if it's peace of mind. But just kind of like doing something new".

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