Advance Review - Philippe Bronchtein - 'Oregon Air'

(Photo Credit - Philippe Bronchtein) 


We had the opportunity to get advance access to Philippe Bronchtein's EP Oregon Air. The EP will drop July 23, 2019. Check out our review below!


Advance Review - Philippe Bronchtein 


Philippe Bronchtein has a way with melody and lyrics. He builds a subtle melody that highlights his deep vocals. This allows him to gently sing his down to earth lyrics that are narrative in nature. 


His music feels classic, it feels familiar, but altogether different. This is because Bronchtein uses tropes of classic Americana effortlessly and fuses them into his own version of what Americana is. It has the gentle organs, finger-picked guitar, and steel guitar. But what makes it all tie together are Bronchtein's vocals. 


The track that veers most from this Americana feel is "In the Eighth". While very much still in the alt-country genre. It's a bit more electronic, it has a quickened pace to it. What particularly stands out on it are the harmonies.


Closing Thoughts - Though there are only four songs here, you feel these are well-crafted pieces that Bronchtein put his soul into. You hear it in the vocals. For an EP titled Oregon Air, Bronchtein captured the essence of the Pacific Northwest well through an Americana lens.


Rating - 3.75/4  

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