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We Are Awesome: An Interview with MISSIO

1.) We've gone through a full spectrum of emotions with the releases of these EP's over the past months. What stories, feelings, and thoughts did you bring into this one, I Am Awesome?

Matthew: "This one kind of starts with "Goodby to the Old Me". It feels a bit brighter than some of our past music. It's a look toward the future. It's very introspective and self analyizing like 'Am I happy with myself and if so aweseome, if not, how can I better myself?'".

David: "Even just the title you can take it bunch of ways if you're actually serious about that, do you believe your awesome? You have to find the strength to go to the new place away from the sadness. Get to a new place where you can celebrate whatever awesomeness in your life becaue that has to be there to balance out the negative. It's really supposed to be that nudge towards the hope."

2.) You've done it again. You have once again defied genre and being restricted by sonic expectations. How do you both continue to reinvent MISSIO with every project you produce?

David: "That's a great question. I wouldn't say we're trying to intentionally trying to reinvent. It stems from the fact that neither of us have an identity that we need to speak through a certain instrument. A lot of times that creates a sonic signature. For us its' about songs and every song is an individual painting. When we're just chasing to find the best way to present a song that's why it comes out unique and different."

Matthew: "I never sit at an instrument and say 'I want to write this kind of song'. I start with a blank canvas. There truly are no rules and no expectations. I trust the people we work with on the production on the macro level to make every level. I don't know other band's experiences but it seems framed. I love the freedom , I don't want to say 'not giving a fuck' but it's relaly freeing".

3.) We noticed that there were not any collaborations on this EP. This is something that has become a sort of trademark for you in the past. What made you veer from this direction for this project?

David: "This record if you look really deep, we were returning to our roots which was a much more simpler process of just Matthew and I. Us doing a lot of this and over half of this record I mixed, everything was focused, so natural. Every time you do a collaboration it's difficult, you got teams and contracts. For this record we were just focused on flowing it out, so it was kind of a more intentional. We were really just in a natural way able to complete these songs without collaboration."

4.) You've managed to make something that is danceable, singable, and ultimately bright with this release. Particularly with the choruses. What was your aim in developing these?

Matthew: "A lot of the melodies for choruses, it's just trying to follow the art and trying to follow the feeling. I don't ever go into writing trying to do something that sounds like something else. I lock in a lot of times on the drums. Inherently, a melody pops out. For example "Heart Made of Dynamite" is one of my favorite choruses on the album. Try to get rid of the expectations in your head and trust your instincts."

David: "This EP without a doubt I would describe as the most pop of the bunch. Matthew and I both have a love of pop music. There's a thing that a singable melody can do. Unfortunately, many musicians have abused this for years and for that reason Matthew and I are allergic to some pop music. Musically speaking, we have tools that you use to feel a certain thing or thought and it really backs the single up. These songs are packing important words."

Matthew: "I like that you brought the lyrics up. Because a lot of times in pop it's about making the lyric as few as possible for the melody to stand out. We are trying to pack a huge punch for you to get something out of it."

5.) You've announced some stripped down shows in Texas. What can fans expect from these?

David: "They're going to be a much more intimate and open kind of show. We're going to strip the songs down to their core. Speaking of what we were just talking about lyric and melody are important to the song at it's core. I should know it's kind of terrifying to perform without the bigger elements of the song."

Matthew: "My analogy for me as a person with anxiety when I go into a room where someone else is anxious it instantly makes me less anxious. We're really looking at the fact that the world sucks right now, but that it's okay to show up depressed or anxious but these people can be 100% themselves in the moment with no judgement. If they can feel that for two weeks past these shows that's a fucking win."

David: "It's really what we're trying to do with this EP, everyone needs some encouragement. I think it'll be a great time getting to know us some more and getting to know the behind the scenes of the songs some more."

6.) What's next for MISSIO?

David: "We've got a really busy 2024 ahead. We've got some touring related stuff coming out that we're still working on."

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