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Soundtrack Review - Brett Newski: 'It's Hard to be a Person: soundtrack to the book'

(Photo Credit: Alejandro Albuernes)

Soundtrack Review - Brett Newski: It's Hard to be a Person: soundtrack to the book (June 18, 2021)

On June 22, 2021, Brett Newski will be releasing his debut book It's Hard To Be A Person: defeating anxiety, surviving the world, and having more fun. This release will mark the first book for the alternative singer/songwriter/illustrator/podcaster. Accompanying the book will be a soundtrack that Newski has created.

The unique mix of alternative sound that Newski has achieved reminds me of awesome 90's alternative acts, in the vein of Violent Femmes, Better Than Ezra, and Barenaked Ladies, all of which Newski cites as influences. Though the book and the album deal with topics concerning mental health, Newski faces them with a gusto and sense of humor that ultimately bleeds into his music.

The soundtrack consists of banger after banger that's sure to get you moving. Interestingly, some of these tunes have been in the works for years. For example, the track "I Should've Listened to Ferris Bueller" came out of a notebook of lyric ideas from high school. Also, Newski was able to recruit musical hero Steven Page to sing along with him on the track.

This soundtrack reminds me of past summer concerts, jamming to bands such as Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray, Barenaked Ladies, Fastball and more. That's to say, musically Newski hits me with some nostalgia. But don't get it twisted, Newski may evoke comps to some earlier alt acts, but he's firmly his own artist with a unique vision that is very much relevant for today's scene. I absolutely love this soundtrack and am looking forward to future work from Newski.

Rating - 4.5/5

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