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Somewhere New with The Joy Formidable

(Photo Credit - Timothy Hiatt)

We were able to chat with Ritzy Bryan of alt mega group The Joy Formidable about their new album 'Into the Blue' which dropped everywhere today. We were excited to get the inside scoop from Bryan on this fantastic release, check out what she had to say in our interview!

1. Into the Blue is a much-anticipated release for you all. Can you share a sneak peek as to what fans can expect from this unique release? "I think this has been a very important record for the three of us. It’s brought us closer together at a time when it was often hard to be physically side by side. It’s chronicled a really transformative time for me. That process of being in pain but embracing it so that you can grow & see something else for yourself and how the record that you’re making ends up supporting that change. I’ll always be grateful for the extra insight and exploration that writing Into the Blue had brought to me." 2. Can you tell us about the writing and recording process for Into the Blue? "We started demoing the record in Wales & then came to Utah for a quick visit in February 2020. That quick visit turned into a much longer stay because of Lockdown and all the travel restrictions, but we’re grateful for the time that Rhydian and I had together. We often write records and tour and juggle a plethora of different creative ideas. I love how focused this record has felt & the way we’ve had time to sit with ourselves and each other. I think Rhydian and I, our writing relationship has really deepened from this chapter." 3. When reviewing the album, it very much felt like the perfect pandemic escapism piece. Can you speak a little to the themes at play on Into the Blue? "Listening back I can hear that, at the time we were just telling our stories & sharing how we were feeling. That often mirrors something much bigger that’s going on. The album talks a lot about embracing life’s uncertainties, finding your power again, so that even in the hardest moments you find something to nourish and encourage you." 4. Musically, you all bend genres on this one mixing in elements of alt, rock, and shoegaze. How are you able to effortlessly stay above the fray of being put in the box? "I always find questions of genre interesting because I never think about it when we’re writing or making a new album. I like to just follow my ears and passion when we’re creating and see where it takes me. The same happens for Rhydian too I’m sure and then it’s a matter of blending those palettes." 5. What’s next for The Joy Formidable?

"We’re excited for our November/December tour and seeing everyone again, playing these new songs live. Our Music Club has been a wonderful way of connecting with people this year & we’d love as many people to join. We have a Big Roar anniversary show coming up, it’s 10 years old this year, so we’ll be celebrating that on our new site."

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