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Sold Out with Ricky Montgomery at KEMBA Live!

(Photo Credit: Nadia Tolar)


Kicking off the night in Columbus, Ohio was Noah Floersch from Omaha, Nebraska. He's most well known for “ Ghost of Chicago “. Floersch brought subtle, lover boy energy to the stage. He created a calm, but exciting vibe to KEMBA. Floersch played many songs everyone knew , and had almost the entire venue singing along with him. 

The main attraction was Ricky Montgomery. The crowd had been lined up for hours, at a length I haven't seen since seeing The 1975! He hit the stage with nothing but pure joy and happiness. His set had the crowd feeling a wide array of emotions. Happy songs, sad songs and some wildly energetic tracks were thrown into the mix. Montgomery played his most well known song “ Mr. Loverman “ and I was in shambles. Montgomery put on an incredible show, interacted with the crowd, and had an amazing stage presence.

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it was an amazing concert! I absolutely adored getting to see Noah and Ricky live! Totally worth standing in line for 6 hours 😂

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