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Single Spotlight - Walter DeBarr: "Eyes to the Sky"

Single Spotlight - Walter DeBarr: "Eyes to the Sky" (July 3, 2020)

Walter DeBarr is such a unique talent in the West Virginia folk/alt scene. He's got a dynamic vocal style that just begs for your ear. Well, Walter is back with a new single, "Eyes to the Sky" which drops this Friday! Thanks to DeBarr, we got to check this bad boy out a little early!

Right out the gate the acoustic guitar and string combination had me. The electric guitar soon joins, accompanied by DeBarr's gravely vocals. He's joined in perfect harmony on the hook by Pamela Kesling. DeBarr and Kesling juxtapose one another so well throughout.

One aspect of the tune I have to rave about is the lead guitars utilized on the buildup. They're absolutely fantastic in combination with DeBarr's vocals. The guitars and DeBarr's vocals remind of a mix between The White Buffalo and Gary Clark Jr. That is, it has roots in Americana, but is kicked up a notch with some fine electric guitar work. That said, this one is can't miss, get your hands on it ASAP!

Rating - 5/5

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