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Setting the Stage Ablaze with Yellow Days

(Photo Credit: Anna Chaney)

My first time at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver was certainly a memorable one, seeing Yellow Days on his Hotel Heaven tour.

The stage was first set ablaze with the soulful sounds of The Jack Moves, warming up the crowd with smooth Michael Jackson-meets-Motown-esque tunes that got everyone grooving and ready for the main event.

And then, in his trademark lil comfy-looking jean ‘fit, Yellow Days graced the stage. But instead of diving right into the music, he teased the audience, pretending to approach the microphone only to back out playfully, sending waves of anticipation through the crowd, as the band opened.

But once he did take the stage, it was pure magic. Crouching down and shaking hands with fans, Yellow Days brought an intimacy to the performance that made everyone feel like they were part of something special.

Adding to the whimsy of the evening was the appearance of a woman periodically blowing bubbles, adding an element of entertainment that was both unexpected and delightful. She perfectly complemented the show, reminding us of carefree moments dancing in our bedrooms. It was also a great strategy to break George and the band in between songs, her voiceover dialogue taking place with a hotel resident on the phone, insistent on ordering Stingray for dinner.

As the night drew to a close, Yellow Days took his suitcase and strolled offstage, only to somersault back on for an encore, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. And throughout the entire performance, he wore no shoes, just socks, adding to the laid-back vibe of the evening.

The one complaint I have with the show: although the hotel desk prop was a nice touch, it sat at the very front of the stage, blocking the view for a large part of the pit, which remained empty for most of the show. Move that desk farther back on the stage and this show gets a 5/5!

Closing out with the hauntingly beautiful 'Your Hand Holding Mine,' Yellow Days left us with hearts full and spirits uplifted, proving once again why he's a force to be reckoned with in the world of soulful music. Overall, Yellow Days delivered a performance that was equal parts soulful serenade and playful charm, leaving us  eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to bask in his musical brilliance.

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