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My Favorite Album of 2020 - Karis

Karis’ album of 2020 - IDLES, Ultra Mono

I had been looking forward to IDLES third album ever since I wrote about their second album for my The Bloody Classics series over the summer. It did not disappoint and I have been listening to it regularly since its release in late September, hence it is my pick for album of the year.

If you are already a fan of IDLES, this album will be more of what you have come to know and love, a positive message wrapped in some angry shouting and serious concern about the state of UK society. It’s my favourite kind of punk and it feels like it captures my current mood brilliantly.

Perhaps if the entire world wasn’t on fire around me, I’d say that there are a couple of tracks on here where IDLES veer towards the preachy (I’m looking at you; Kill Them With Kindness) with the strength of their message, but honestly I’m so angry about everything right now I really don’t care. When Joe screams; “Our government hates the poor” on Anxiety I lose all objectivity and just think it seems like a pretty fair assessment.

I truly feel like this is my album of 2020 because it is so perfect for 2020. In a year where I have missed the amazing feeling I get from seeing live music, this album has provided me with the next best thing. It gives you the feeling of all great punk albums where you feel almost worn out at the end like you have just had a good workout. I need a rest after listening to it, but it in a good way.

So here’s a shoutout to IDLES for capturing this ridiculous year so perfectly and in a message I am sure they would endorse, let’s hope things are more positive as we come to the end of 2021, and lets hope at some point in the future I can hug someone while listening to these songs live.

Highlights: Grounds, Mr Motivator (Possibly one of the band’s catchiest tracks ever), Danke

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