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Good Vibrations with MISSIO

(Photo Credit: Ima Leupp)

1. You two have a connection to your fanbase (the MISSIO Mafia) that is unlike anything I have ever seen in music. You especially bond around issues of mental health. Can you speak a little to how this bond formed?

David - "I think it started early centering on Loner which is a record about recovery. It was about Matthew's addiction and recovery. There was a nucleus of people along with the larger fan group that connected it. We love music and we do it because we believe in the power of it. Our Mafia is like MISSIO, not what you expect people from all walks of life."

Matthew - "I look back to artists in the 70's and 80's and the whole thing was bands not getting to know their fans. With social media, it's so easy to just respond back and say "thank you". If someone takes the time out of their day to say that to us, it's just right to say it back. I want to see that more from the artists I love and I hope our fans get that from us too."

2. There is a growing movement in the public about moving away from opioids for more natural ways of medicating one's self for issues of mental health, whether that be CBD or another combination of cannabis derivatives. How do you feel about this?

David - "The challenge right now is that we live in the time where the laws are changing and the science is coming out on all this stuff. The science is changing, so people are learning about CBD and THC. With MISSIO, it's like don't be judgmental about other people's addictions. Try to meet people where they are at. Any sort of solution of anyone's overuse of something comes from within. For other people don't be judgmental. When you think about it, food is medicine. It's not a one trick thing about putting something in your diet will cure you, but it can help curb something. It's ultimately about finding balance."

Matthew - "My tendency is to rush out of feelings. My therapist told me the other day "We are the products of our environment right now". Look at the world right now, it's just fucked right now. A natural reaction is to be judgmental. But it's important not to do that."

3. Your new EP I Am High once again finds you toying with genre in a way that just works. Far too often in music today we find artists pigeonholing themselves. You don't subscribe to a label can you tell us how you consistently make this work?

David - "I think it's because we are unique because we are not a band that Matthew sees himself as a singer and I see myself as a bass player or a synth player. Or there's a pop star that goes to a producer that has the sound for them. We both see ourselves as songwriters and producers first. When you hear a MISSIO song you hear the full production of the song."

Matthew - "We've never been like "We've got to write some massive radio hit". A lot of us is just making songs like what we want to do. It turns into this cohesive MISSIO vibe."

4. You all have a knack for picking the perfect collaborators for your work. What have you brought to the table this time?

David - "Our strategy to date has been more or less to work with hip-hop artists. We will have a track more or less finished with them able to do their thing. It's an easier process and typically a remote process, which makes it easier. Every time it's different as far as the search goes, but you have to trust the path. It's a crazy wild thing, and doesn't surprise me it's difficult to do."

Matthew - "The thing is typically people want a big collaborator and spending a lot of money on a big name. There might have been a time where we would do that. Now we look more at the artistry. We also look at cool and upcoming artists that we can give back to."

5. What can fans look forward to in the future from MISSIO?

David - "We released the EP in February I Am Sad now we have I am High, each EP will be exploring different emotions and genres. These will make up our next album. It's been really fun recording this record. We did it in Mexico City and it was really just great to live the life and run into the studio. We're really stoked for this to come out."

Matthew - "We're hopeful that people will understand MISSIO a little better by showing "This is what we do" but also "This is also what we do"."

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