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“Ful Stop” from A MOON SHAPED POOL: A single short story release by Jesse R. Stowe

The fifth song from Radiohead’s A MOON SHAPED POOL includes an intro that lasts three minutes and nine seconds. However, after a small reprieve, the music continues the stress-inducing build to the 4:19 mark.

“Will you take me back/take me back, again?”

And then, the pushing music begins another climb with Thom Yorke howling and wailing. The anxiety and tension never truly dissipate until the final fifteen seconds.

Fictional Cover

In the short story “Ful Stop,” based on the song, Edna uses a text game she and her best friend, Tallulah, plays to build anger throughout her workday. She plans to take her belly full of fire into a fight she knows will happen when her husband, Dan, gets home from work. Yet, can she keep that momentum going?

Read the story here

This story is a favorite from my collection based on the album, A MOON SHAPED POOL. Although Edna may seem cynical, petty, and desperate, I find her complicated and honest. Love is not easy, and most of the time, it does not take us where we expect to go.

Keep an eye out for the release of the short story collection, A MOON SHAPED POOL.

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