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Everything Changes in the End: A Conversation with Vistas

Vistas are about to drop 'Everything Changes in the End' this Friday! In anticipation of this, we had an opportunity to chat all about the new album with the group!

1. You guys have an infectious indie sound. Can you tell us about some of your inspiration for your music?

"We kinda grown up listening to The Strokes, The Killers, and The Kings of Leon. That led us to find other bands we like. The inspiration from The Killers lends to our choruses. We're really into Two Door Cinema Club, The Arctic Monkeys, and The View".

2. So your new album Everything Changes in the End is dropping May 29, 2020. Tell us about what listeners can expect to hear on the album?

"The theme of the album is a nostalgic look back at your teenage years as you move into your young adulthood. It's about sort of that weird time when you're not a kid, but your not quite an adult yet. The songs are upbeat summery indie songs, that's sort of the vibe of the album. Hopefully it will let people remember the good times, especially when things return to normal".

3. We really loved the new album. Do you have any inside stories you can share about the writing or recording process?

"In terms of some of the stuff from the album, we decided to come up with a new song which was "15 years". We were in a residential recording space, so I could just come out and work on music. It's probably one of the best performing tracks of the record. Also, there was this little toy piano in the studio that had bells behind it instead of strings, we added this to layer with the synth, you might not notice it when it's there, but if you took it away you definitely would".

4. How has the process been promoting and releasing an album during a pandemic?

"It's been difficult, but in many ways it reinforced that doing music an producing something artistic is worthwhile. Whenever a crisis happens, it's the arts we turn to for comfort and solace. Whether that be you can stream Netflix for hours a day, or you hope one of your favorite bands is releasing a record. We hope it will provide some relief and really hope people enjoy it. A silver lining of this has been that so many artists are putting out material that would have otherwise not seen the light of day because artists are having to find new ways to produce content. For example, before this all went down, we were supposed to shoot a music video for "15 years", but that couldn't happen so we had fans submit video and made a compilation".

5. What does the future hold for Vistas?

"Within this sort of period because we haven't been touring, it's given us an opportunity to write. Album two is about halfway written. The creation of album two is under way. Next year, like every band we'll be out touring and playing shows."

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