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EP Review - Welcome Center: 'Talk Talk Talk'

(Photo Credit - Andrew Ryan Shepherd)

Album Review - Welcome Center: Talk Talk Talk (July 16, 2021)

Writing for Alt Revue, I get the opportunity to listen to many artists I’ve never heard before; Welcome Center happens to be one of them. A long-distance collaboration between Dallas and Philadelphia, they are a combination of post-punk and synth/electronic-pop creating songs that balance on the edge between helplessness and hopefulness.

Talk Talk Talk is a three-song EP. An easy listen because of the music, the lyrics challenge the listener to think about their situation. Starting with “Burn,” which reminded me of the 80’s band Tears for Fears, the quiet guitar and drums during the verse perfectly accompany the lyric. The chorus adds keyboard and the music intensity needed to increase the drama. However, the post-chorus pushes the listener to the heart of the message. “Work to pay the bills/and buy my sleeping pills/here in America/Sign me up for a war/here in America/Riots in America.”

“Parasite City” reminds me of a Cold Play song, musically. Upbeat, poppy, and easy to listen to, it is contrasted by lyrics that openly share feelings of being trapped. “You’ll never escape Parasite City…We’re all going to die in Paradise City.” Is there hope by the end? “Just hold on/it gets better than this.” However, I don’t know if that’s enough.

“Loser” is another musically upbeat song. I guess it is that juxtaposition that makes this album post-punk. And although it is called “Loser,” the chorus, “I like life like this with you,” is the small sweet moment this EP needs.

Final Thought: The more I listened to Talk Talk Talk, the more I grew to appreciate it. The mood of the lyrics is heavy, but the music helps me get through it. Maybe the outro, “Take me back to the man I used to be,” is the point. Welcome Center had to get these thoughts out before they move on. And a short EP is a great way to do it.

Favorite Song: “Burn” because the feel of the lyrics and the sound of his voice made me think of my friend and musician, Nate Perkins.

Rating - 4/5 – This is an essential moment for this band

You can pre-order Talk Talk Talk from Welcome Center here!

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