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EP Review - Rozzi: 'Hymn for Tomorrow'

(Photo Credit - Imogene Strauss)

EP Review - Rozzi: Hymn for Tomorrow (July 30, 2021) via BMG

Damn. That had to be the first word of this review. San Francisco singer Rozzi's thick and smoky vocals are an absolute tour de force. The neo-soul artist brings it and makes contemporizes sounds of music past, through her infusion of beats and alt/pop stylings. Hymn for Tomorrow not only makes you want to sing along with Rozzi (if you can keep up), but it also begs to be danced to.

Hymn for Tomorrow represents so much to Rozzi and audiences. Rozzi noted: "So I wrote ‘Hymn for Tomorrow’ as a personal mantra. I would much rather spend my energy being excited about what's next than being regretful about what's already been done and is in the past”. Rozzi touches on old flames on the album, but more importantly discusses moving on from relationships that don't fulfill her. Rozzi's powerful voice is much needed on the alt scene. She uses her voice to call out when things go wrong, but also to call for empowerment of fighting your way through those things.

Rozzi has already made moves on the music scene including collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Pusha T. Not to mention supporting Maroon 5 on tour. That said, Hymn for Tomorrow will most assuredly push the talented musician to new heights. This EP is can't miss.

Rating - 4.5/5

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